The Just Sport 5-day Event in Rijeka, Croatia


The Just Sport 5-day Event of Rijeka Sport’s Association was held at Rijeka, Grand Hotel Bonavia from 11th to 15th December 2017.
The Event was divided in 3-day working sessions (workshops) for fitness trainers and owners of fitness centers and 2-day round tables.

During the Event 30 fitness trainers and 9 owners of fitness centers from various fitness centers from all over the country (Primorsko – goranska county, Osječko – baranjska county and Zadarska county) were trained on antidoping in recreational environment. Besides them, trainers of sports clubs, members of other sport organizations, students and other wide population participated in 3-day Just Sport workshop.

At the 2-day roundtable the participants gave the following feedbacks and conclusions:

1. There is no organized fitness center system in Croatia, which further complicates communication and eventual organization of such and similar education.

2. The focus is on education not only of fitness trainers and owners but also of wide population on the harmfulness of consuming doping as well as various other supplements. It is generally known that prevention is much cheaper and more purposeful than curative.

3. At the local level, it should work on the synergy of sports organizations / communities, the Department of Public Health, the Health Center with the City (or County), with its departments (education, health), in order to educate citizens on the importance of regular engagement in sporting recreational activities and the harmfulness of consuming different preparations to achieve an excellent appearance, increase strength, increase stamina, etc. in the shortest possible time.

4. Establishment of National Anti-Doping Agency – Although Croatia had an independent Anti-Doping Agency it was abolished for a justified or unjustified reason. Sport officials believe that the existence of an independent anti-doping agency is absolutely necessary.

At the end of the Just Sport 5-day event, the press conference was held. The press conference was attended by Ms. Verica Mance, project manager of Rijeka Sport’s Association, Ms. Vlasta Brozičević, representative of Croatian Olympic Committee, Mr. Zoran Manojlović, representative of Croatian Institute for Toxicology and Antidoping and Mr. Žarko Despot, vice president of Rijeka Sport’s Association.

All fitness trainers, owners of the fitness centers and fitness centers that participated got the certificates of attendance at the end of the Just Sport 5-day event.